Become a CREXIAN and upload your drawings , videos, AND ARTICLES BECAUSE WHAT YOU CAN DO NO ONE ELSE CAN. Show your work to your friends, grandparents and others and make them proud. Participate in regular theme based contests and earn prizes and discounts


    Make your children members so they learn to create and contribute to the common pool of knowledge that benefits all. Help them to upload and learn and encourage them to be active and creative and get in the habit of expressing themselves. All their work is stored within their reserved salon and systematically archived so that it can be accessed at all times.


    Become Institutional members and share your expertise with a wide audience. “Knowledge increases when shared” . Contribute to our online tutorials … and become a GURUKOOL.


Creative Express takes you to a Community of active, talented children sharing their creative work. Children upload their drawings, videos and articles thus learning from and contributing to a pool of creative ideas for children. Children CREATE SHARE and CONNECT

Art smart, Nimble fingers - craft, Conquer the cube - Rubik's cube, Wordsmithery - creative writing, Mathmania

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Unleash your Potential with Hands On workshops for children.

Catch workshops in your area on Art, Craft, Rubik’s Cube, Creative Writing and fun with Maths.

Learn from Creative Express's Online Tutorials to get novel creative ideas or to consolidate what you have learnt with Hands On workshops.

Video Tutorials available for Art Smart, Nimble Fingers (craft) , Rubik's Cube and Mathmania.

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Learn from teachers across India through Creative Express’s online DiY Tutorials channel.

Connect with the teachers and resource persons as they form part of our Institutional GURUKOOL NETWORK.

Click to know about Teachers and Institutions on Creative Express. Find ones close to you. Make them more popular by becoming their Fan!!!

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Teachers : Be a Kool guru. Join our Institutional Network, Showcase your work, Ideas and Connect with kids eager to learn more. Your work can get you a Fan base others will envy. Parents: Check out our Network of resource Persons and Teachers. Know more about them and connect up with them.

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