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Papier Mache Hat
Papier Mache  (originated in China)  in French means 'chewed paper' and true to the name , the art is about using paper pulp mixed with glue to create very strong, and sturdy objects of decoration and use. The art originated in China was popularised in Europe and other parts of the world by France and now forms part of tradition in all countries.  Chinese used to make Helmets with Papier Mache! and Kashmiri Papier Mache objects form an essential part of Indian handicraft.
A 2 day workshop for children.
They learn the craft of creating the pulp, the strip and glue technique and the  use of objects like balloon, bottle  to get the structure of the item being created.
Day 1: Making the structure with mache
Day 2: To paint after it has dried.
Age Group: 7 yrs. and above
Date: Sat  29th November, 2014 Time: 3 pm - 5 pm 
  Sun  30th November, 2014 Time: 11 am - 1 pm
Venue:   Bhakti VedantaSchool,  Juhu.
Sudoku is the most popular puzzle game, originating in Japan that requires concentration, pattern recognition and logical reasoning. Needless to say , regular solving improves all of these abilities and can teach children the all important value of approaching a problem from all angles and Persistence. Knowing the basic ways to approach the puzzle, some tricks and practice can make anyone a master of the game. Join our Sudoku club to learn these and more…
Date: Sat  6th December, 2014 Time: 11 am - 1 pm 
Venue:   Bandra West..
Conquer the Cube
Rubik's cube is the classic puzzle that draws on the player's spatial ability, memory, ability to think ahead, quick processing of visual cues and matching motor skill to the quick cognition. Knowing how to solve this puzzle makes the person/child addicted to problem solving and gives hours of immense joy and pleasure. The Speedcubing competitions recognised by World Cube Association are open to all and if you wish to, with practice you can have national/ international records to your name.Your Journey begins here.
A 2 Day Workshop on How to solve the Rubik's cube .
Levels: Basic and Advance
Date: Sun  9th November, 2014 Time: 11 am - 3 pm 
Venue:   Kandivali (East)
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Contact: 9819467931/9930777274

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Art Smart
Being smart with art.
Workshops on Colouring techniques, Sketchng, Charcoal paintings, Folk art, Artists.
Nimble Fingers
Use your nimble fingers for craft
Workshops on Paper Quilling, Clay modelling, Clay animation, origami, Flower making, Clay animation, Paper mache etc..
Conquer the Cube
Learn to solve the Rubik's Cube.
Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level
Weaving words Creatively.
Workshops on Giggle Poetry, Reading Fun, Horror stories etc.
Playing with numbers.
Mathematical concept clearance, Tangram, Sudoku , Pattern recognition etc.

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